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 ~How To Do Your Bios~

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PostSubject: ~How To Do Your Bios~   Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:06 pm

Here it is:

Display Name: (your username)
Wolf Name: (the name of your wolf)
Age: (you know. Numbers. LOL!)
Color: (what the wolves coat is.)
Face Markings: (markings on the face!)
Body Markings: (you know. Marking on the body!)
Personality: (like if the wolf is shy, or sweet, or mean.)
Past History: (like whqat the wolves life was like in the past)
Crush: (you know, Wolves they like!)
Family: (you know. Like if the wolf lost it`s family or has family alive still.)
Picture: (optional)
Other: (just other stuff that doesn`t match any of these!)

Hope I helped!
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~How To Do Your Bios~
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